Phillip R. Evans

Author: Fiction Adventure Fantasy

Become A Messenger

Become A Messenger


Messengers in the book of Thaddeus Grant Island of Reconciliation have a very important role to play throughout the storyline. One of their primary duties is to share praises with all and announce to the world they live in noteworthy news.

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There is only one requirement read our book and love it.

Become A Messenger

Announce the news, and share the praise in your world. Let those in your world know about the new Fictional Fantasy Adventure Thaddeus Grant Island Of Reconciliation with a Christian theme. Join the journey with the Grants of the Island of Reconciliation.

How Can You Annonounce it?

This can be done in many ways and with various methods. Share our website, word of mouth tell your friends, family, and your church. Announce it on your social media. Visit Goodreads, Amazon, or your library to share feedback on our book.

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Love our storyline of Thaddeus Grant Island Of Reconciliation. Buy a book to gift to a friend. Christmas is right around the corner our book would make a great gift.

We Do Not Offer Payment

We do not offer compensation for becoming a messenger to announce and share book #1 in the series, Thaddeus Grant Island of Reconciliation.

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