Phillip R. Evans

Author: Fiction Adventure Fantasy

Excerpts Of Thaddeus Grant Island Of Reconciliation

Excerpts Of Thaddeus Grant Island Of Reconciliation

Excerpts from the book of Thaddeus Grant Island Of Reconciliation.

Excerpt From Chapter 1 Repentance And Faith

His son Randy replied, “I dream she was on a beautiful and peaceful island in a palace. Mom was crying and very sad, calling out for me and you. She was telling someone she was sorry, hoping and praying we would come home. I prayed to God crying that I wish I could see and be with my mom because I miss her and need her.” Tears fell from Randy’s eyes until he fell asleep.

Pastor Teetson placed his young son in his arms and began to cry. Holding his son in his arms, he prayed, “Father in heaven I am so sorry for the lack of faith, bitterness, and frustration that I showed to you and my wife Kathryn. I ask for forgiveness and for you to increase my faith. I know the island in my son’s dream, and I have no doubt Kathryn is calling out to us. Please let us reunite our love and let us go home to the Island of Reconciliation.”

Excerpt From Chapter 3 Fearful And Frightful

Just don’t let old man Grant catch you cause some kids who have gone on the Grant Castle Estates have gone missing and never heard of again.”

At eight years old, his cousins were a few years older than him. What they said scared him but being in their house scared him more. He thought maybe God was going to do one of those mysterious ways. He was going on fear and faith. Fear of being in their house and faith that God was going to do something amazing. His mom always told him “God has perfect timing for when he is ready to accomplish a plan He has put in motion. God’s plan may come instantly or down the road while you walk your journey with Jesus. The time may be hard while in the steps, and you may not see what the plan is until God’s perfect timing arrives for you to see the amazing grace of God’s love, He has in store for you. So just hold onto Jesus and keep the faith. Jesus will never leave nor forsake you.”

Excerpt From Chapter 14 The Gatehouse of Gideon Trumpets Blow

The eagle flew high to the castle’s mountains that could only be reached by an eagle of the Grants. He flew with the key that would unlock The Gatehouse of Gideon for the trumpets to be blown. Randolph Grant had whispered into the ear of Daniel, his commander of the Manor Guards, when he left for the palace.

Be of good cheer and rest easy with knowing that John will return. He has been injured. He will return with me when I come back to the Grant Manor. Now Daniel, when William and James return, place them as guards to the boy Randy for he is special. Wherever he goes they must follow. Let his parents know what I have instructed of you to do with the guards for their son. When I return, I will explain to them and tell Pastor Dumpling there are no ill will towards him. We will fellowship when I return.

When you hear the heavenly voices sing then have the guard and those in the Manor pray for the Island of Reconciliation for I will be announced as Randolph Grant, then I will stand on the battlefield one against a thousand, so it will seem to those who stand against Thaddeus Grant and me, but we stand with one greater than we who are just mere servants of our Lord Jesus, the Christ the Son of the Living God.

When you hear within your spirit the trumpets blow, do not fear for the armies of Grant Castle will stand on the mountains in all provinces of the Island of Reconciliation.”

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