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Book 3 In The Series: Wolf Mountain Ruins

Evan Randolph Grant’s eleventh birthday is approaching and Randolph Grant has cleared it with Mr. and Mrs. Dumpling on the gift of adventures he would like to present to his young friend. The first adventure they will ride to the Wolf Mountain Ruins where they will discover a mysterious portal that has been concealed for centuries. In order for it to be opened, they will need to know the language of the Fairalights that could take them on a journey to the past, answering their deepest questions. The second adventure, Evan Randolph Grant, will ride the dragon named after him. Elijah will share of another ruin beyond the Gabaltava territory where a mysterious bridge will take them to the city of Rantera. Where Randolph Grant will find missing pieces for what he has been searching for regarding the betrayal of the guardians.

Thaddeus Grant will return with Margaret McGregor, Julie, Uncle Nevin, and Rufus McGregor, the grandfather who knows Randolph Grant. They will hold the Grants Court for all that have broken the law and rules of the Grant’s Island Of Reconciliation.

A Queen will be crowned.

Continue the journey of Thaddeus, Randolph, and Evan Randolph Grant as they care for and protect the Island of Reconciliation.

Book 3 – In The Series

There has been no release date set.

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A prequel to the series of Thaddeus Grant Island Of Reconciliation detailing how the guardians came to the world of reconciliation. The details of the series are not available yet.