Thaddeus Grant Island Of Reconciliation

Christian Adventure Fiction Fantasy Novel

Thaddeus Grant Island Of Reconciliation


Mr. Grant arrives at the Island of Reconciliation, seeking a place to hide from the pain of his past. Staying in the Grant Manor as a recluse, never venturing outside for fear someone will recognize him from the world from which he came. All changes when a young boy named Randy arrives at the manor who has been hurt by an abusive uncle and his sons. Mr. Grant is the answer to his prayer for care and protection. Randy is the healing for Mr. Grant to accept the path chosen for him long ago by Thaddeus Grant to succeed him as the Grant of the Island of Reconciliation to restore peace and bring Freedom to the Islands of Redemption from those of the Island of Deception.


What Are They Saying?

It is a very imaginative book centered on forgiveness, reconciliation, and good triumphing over evil. It is definitely a page-turner and full of twists and turns along the way. I finished it quickly and am looking forward to the next book highlighted at the end of this one. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed if you purchase this book. Phil B.

Excellent book with many great analogies! Recommend it highly! I bought one to give as a gift and one for my personal library! Bev B.

Ooh – I got mine! Looking forward to reading it all the way through. Kate T.

The story is very interesting. I couldn’t put the book down. Once I started, I couldn’t wait to find out how things turn out. The fascination of the story is very catchy. I really enjoyed it. Tiffany S.

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